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End of life vehicles are not worthless!​

Anyone who says your ELV (end of life vehicle) isn’t worth a penny hasn't come across us yet – all end of life vehicles are worth something with us, even if it is only the scrap value.


But how can you make sure that you get the best value of that vehicle that is never going to run again?  You can scrap it - safely and responsibly with us and get an excellent price for it.  

But there are ways to be the best value for you vehicle.

Firstly, don't remove any of the parts if you can avoid doing so. It can reduce the price you can get for the vehicle.  It also make it difficult to collect the vehicle with parts removed.  

Secondly, choose a reputable company that offers a fair but guaranteed price for scrapping your car.  This last thing you need is someone haggling with you when they come to collect it!  No arguments or fuss, just an easy and simple transaction.  

Try to remember to contact the DVLA to claim your unused car tax and your insurance company to claim back what you can for the vehicle no longer on the road.  

Most areas are quite competitive with scrapping vehicles, so it pays to ask around.  However, if there is a company you trust that doesn't offer as much for your vehicle, tell them about the higher price you have been offered.  They may be prepared to negotiate....


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