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What vehicles can be scrapped?​


We offer free collection of any vehicle we collect.  ​Any condition of the vehicle will be considered. We accept:

  • MOT failures - gutting as it is, it happens!  The car or van fails the MOT and you are left with the vehicle wondering what to do with it. Just give us a call or fill out the very quick form below and we'll get back to you with a price for your vehicle.  

  • Vehicles that are non-starters - it's let you down and not worth getting it started again.  No problem, just enquire with us and we'll come back to you with a price for your vehicle.  This is a no obligation estimate and you may be surprised what we can offer you for your non-starter!

  • Vehicles not taxed -  If you are no longer using a vehicle, you may not have had it taxed.  Perhaps you planned to restore it or get it back on the road but time or finances have prevented that.  This is no problem!  We can help you get a good price for your vehicle.  

  • Written off vehicle collection - Your vehicle may have been written off in an accident or just not worth any repair.  Contact us and give some basic details of your vehicle and find put what our vehicle could be worth.  

  • Any makes or models of vehicles - It really does not make the make or model.  Enquire with us today and see how we can help you.  

Whatever the situation, a full Certificate of Destruction will be issued to you giving you piece of mind you are choosing a reputable company to scrap your vehicle.   

Call Us for a free estimate

01621 851392


07956 880667

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