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Thinking of scrapping my car...

If you are thinking scrapping your car or scrapping your van, the first question is usually 'Right, where do I start?'

Let us help you with those first questions....

Scrapping your car is relatively easy - we make it hassle free for you!


Previously, you actually had to pay to have your car taken away or scrapped.  

But now, guidelines have been put in place to avoid abandoned cars which means that parting with that car that is not able to be sold should be easy.  And thanks to the increase in scrap metal values, you should are actually able to get some money for your car or van!  We offer excellent prices - you may be quite surprised by what you can get for that vehicle!  Just enquire with us today to find out - it won't cost you a penny to get an no obligation estimate for you car or van that you wish to scrap.  

The car or van needs to go to a scrapyard, or Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) that's licensed by the Environment Agency. It’s illegal to take your car anywhere else, so make sure they’re licensed.  We take this hassle away - we collect the vehicle for you and responsibily dispose of it for you, issuing you with a full Certificate of Destruction, giving you piece of mind your vehicle has been disposed of as it should be.  

Remember, to claim your unused road fund (car tax) back and contact your insurance company to cancel your policy and see what refund you are owed.  

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